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Madison Roberts was born and raised in Augusta, GA, and has lived most of his adult life in Atlanta, GA.  Madison is in his last semester of the Master of Divinity program at Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS). 

Before attending PTS, Madison was an attorney for over a decade in Atlanta, GA.  His last position before attending PTS was serving as an attorney for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Corporate Legal Department, where he specialized in technology law, providing legal advice on technology transactions impacting Turner and all its subsidiaries on an enterprise level.  Prior to joining Turner in 2015, he worked with the Atlanta-based law firms of Troutman Sanders and Mercer Thompson, and then as in-house counsel with Akzo Nobel and Focus Brands.  

Madison is a proud “Yellow Jacket,” having received his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, where he gladly cultivated his nerdy tendencies.  More important than receiving his degree, however, Georgia Tech is where he met a gorgeous architecture student and somehow talked her into marrying him.  Rebecca must have a great sense of humor because she and Madison have remained married for almost 20 years. 

After graduating from Georgia Tech in 2001, Madison began working as an engineer for Milliken, a textile company based in South Carolina.  A few years later, Madison decided to pursue a career in law, and in 2007 he received his law degree from Mercer University in Macon, GA. 

After paying homage to his favorite band, the Allman Bros., and eating his fill at the world’s best meat and three’s in Macon, GA, Madison and Becca moved to Atlanta, where they quickly became parents to three lively children: Hosford (13), Pryor (10), and Carolyn (7).  Madison says having children is like Christmas morning every day (but that it can sometimes turn into a post-apocalyptic meltdown by that evening). 

For fun, Madison loves golf, woodworking, fly fishing, brewing beer, coaching his sons in baseball, styling his daughter’s hair, and taking his wife on dates to the same places they went to in college.  Madison also likes new and exciting adventures.  Madison was a finalist in the 2004 Krystal eating competition held at the Georgia National Fair, and in 2017 he won a “Dancing with the Stars” competition as part of a fundraiser for his favorite nonprofit, Every Woman Works.  He has also sung “Stand By Me,” live and on-stage, at over 20 weddings with some of the south’s best wedding bands. 

Madison’s latest and most virtuous adventure was to listen to his wife and follow the call to ministry.  He says he is so fortunate to have a family that trusts God enough to uproot their lives in Georgia to move to Princeton to pursue a Master of Divinity.  

As he finishes up his degree at Princeton Theological Seminary, Madison is eager and excited to begin preaching the Gospel and serving as the pastor at Mountain Brook Presbyterian Church.  Madison said the process of meeting with our PNC and ending up at MBPC has been his “burning bush” moment in that, aside from the decision to marry his wife, God has never been so clear with Madison on God’s plans for Madison and his family.  Madison believes that coming to serve MBPC has been one of the most encouraging and spirit-filled moments in his life.